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Leading a team, managing deliverables, keeping up to date with the latest javascript library, and having a life on top of all that isn't easy. Bifrost Conf by Full Stack Toronto is here to help connect with inspiring and highly practical content for growth and innovation. All packed into one day this September 22nd, 2017!

If you're a team lead, dev manager, tech lead, or aspire to be one, this is the event for you!

  • People
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Leaders need different skills to thrive in tech. Creating a culture of freedom and responsibility for success is no easy task. These sessions will equip you with the cross-functional skills and strategic vision to drive change, innovation, and future growth.


Managing deliverables for technical projects requires always being aware of the many moving parts. These sessions will help you with process improvement, resourcing, recruiting, scoping and budgeting, and many of the other skills required to manage deliverables on time and on budget.

Professional Development

Professional Development is key to keeping you, your company, and your staff's competitive advantage. These sessions will show you how to keep everyone innovating, and help you make better decisions for architecture and technology selection.


We're excited to bring you amazing content to help you grow. Bifrost conf will run with a single session room alternating the type of content we present while also giving you ample time to meet other leaders just like you and learn from them too!

The schedule is not fully set yet so please check back often, if you would like to speak please let us know!

  • 9:00-9:45 Happy Teams Make Better Code

    Everyone wants to have happier and more productive teams. We all know the benefits of loving what you do, so why does it seem so hard to have happy teams? In this talk I share my experience of cultivating happier teams that are empowered and enthusiastic to solve the problems they are tasked with. We will discuss how to ensure your teams know what they are being tasked with doing and how to help them become autonomous. We will also discuss common pitfalls that prevent teams from becoming high performing.

    Matt Campbell leads the Foundation teams at an educational technology company called D2L. At D2L he helped reduce deployment cycles from yearly to weekly, adopt DevOps and Agile, and revamp testing and release processes. Currently he is moving D2L into the clouds with a full-scale migration into AWS. He is passionate about empowering and engaging his teams so that they can be free to create and solve problems.

  • 9:45-10:30 The Importance of Vision for Business Growth

    Moharyar discusses the importance of having a big vision when starting a new venture. He says that you should not be daunted when others, including early customers, don't share your vision because they don't share your world view. Moharyar believes in the importance of building a culture of innovation, with the conviction that if you aren't reinventing yourself then you are slowly dying.

    Moharyar is the Director of Product at LookBookHQ and has over 6 years’ experience in various Product roles, working for companies such as Apple, Bell, Loblaw Digital and LookBookHQ.

  • 10:30-11:15 Scaling Sparta: Military Lessons for Growing A Dev Team

    How do you scale a team of two to twenty? The answer starts over 2,000 years ago in Sparta. This talk will focus on three distinct military organizations: Spartans, Mongols and Romans. Sparta’s standing army numbered 10,000 whereas Rome’s peaked at half a million. We’ll look at the structure of each military and apply the lessons learned to our development teams and organizations.

    Emily Freeman grew up in the “swamp” as Trump lovingly refers to it. With politics in her blood, she chased after her dream of living out an episode of the West Wing. After four years of arguing — pretty much sums up a PoliSci degree — she left school disappointed that campaigns are more about recruiting 20-year-olds to live in poverty than it is to wine and dine Koch brothers. Her dreams of Aaron Sorkin-level dialogue and Michelin-star dinners dashed, Emily took up ghostwriting. No, those bloggers you read with millions of followers don’t write their own articles. Sorry to disappoint. After many years of typing, Emily had a slightly-older-than-quarterlife crisis and made the bold (insane?!) choice to switch careers into software engineering. With no experience at all, she packed her six-month-old daughter, blind dog and a few boxes into her anti-mom mobile of a sports car and drove across the country to attend the Turing School of Software Development and Design in Denver. Emily completed seven grueling months of code reviews, pair programming and learning Ruby on Rails. After falling in love with Denver, a city as vibrant as she is, Emily decided to stay and currently works as a developer advocate at Kickbox. In her (nonexistent) free time, Emily competes as a powerlifter, deadlifting over 265 pounds. Powerlifting has formed the foundation of her work ethic. Her value system is based on 10 principles which include: always show up, smile, appreciate slow progression, ask for help and never, ever give up. Emily speaks and blogs about technology, culture and team management at emilyfreeman.io and erratically tweets as editingemily.

  • 11:15-12:00 A Fork in Your Career by Nael El Shawwa

    You’re a Senior Developer or Team Lead and reached the inevitable fork in the road that most senior developers reach; to continue coding or move into management. What do you do? Do you really only have two choices?

    Nael is a software craftsman who has spent the last decade wrangling software and people. At FlashStock, he is responsible for the technology that helps brands create beautiful on-demand visual content at scale. After a short stint in Objective-C exactly 10 years ago, Nael has been mostly focused on web technologies; mainly large JavaScript applications, and helping teams see the “good parts” of JavaScript.

  • 12:00-12:30 Lunch Break


  • 12:30-13:15 Fresh Faces Speak Up

    In this panel discussion we will interview a diverse set of junior developers recently new to the workplace to get their perspective on what you can do to make the onboarding and first few months even better for your new talent.

  • 1:15-2:00 Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement, Agility and Autonomy in Your Company by Kevin Goldsmith

    "Autonomy," "Agility," and "Continuous Improvement" are over-used words when we talk about development teams. This talk explains what they are, why they are valuable, and how you can create them in your own teams.

    Kevin Goldsmith oversees the development and IT teams at Avvo. Prior to joining Avvo, Kevin was the VP of Engineering at Spotify, the popular digital music service, where he led a team of 175 engineers for the company’s mobile, desktop and web platforms.

  • 14:00-14:45 Training as Active Leadership

    A key part of leading a team is developing and articulating a strong vision for where that team is going. But leaders have many demands on their time, and often end up spending all their time putting out fires, reacting rather than acting. For new leaders especially, creating a compelling vision can be an intimidating, unclear process. Creating a training program for your team is a great way to help yourself come up with that vision, and to make it clear to your team where they’re heading. In this 40-minute talk we’ll go through the whole process and give you the confidence to build a training plan for your team.

    Corey Reid has been building dev teams in startups across Canada for nearly twenty years. He is an experienced manager and speaker and is really quite tall.

  • 14:45-15:00 Break

    Time for your afternoon pick-me-up!

  • 15:00-15:45 What Dungeons and Dragons teaches us about Leadership

    Dungeons & Dragons is a role-playing game where we go on an adventure to tackle large outrageous goals like slaying the giants or rescuing the princess from the dragons, but how does this have anything to do with real life? This session will teach you all about D&D and Leadership

    James leads teams to create award-winning omni channel experiences through effective software and engaging user experiences. James has designed and developed projects with some of Canada's largest companies such as Loblaws, Walmart, Indigo, Cineplex, and Interac. Beyond work, James advocates and helps developers grow professionally as an event and conference organizer in Toronto. James really enjoys board games and watching RuPaul's Drag Race in their spare time. James also identifies as a gender-non-conforming homosexual, preferred pronouns They/Them/Theirs.

  • 15:45-16:15 Management Talk

    (tools and tips to keep you organized, giving better feedback)

  • 16:15-17:00 Professional Development Talk

    (Keeping up to date with technology)

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